Friday, 2 March 2018

Shareholders shouldn't profiteer from the running of public services

Kent Messenger 01.03.18
My letter in the paper briefly highlighting some of the reasons against private companies running our public services:

'Cllr Harper was right to raise the issue of who runs our public services because the demise of Carillion once again brought the millions of pounds that are paid to private companies into the media spotlight. When these stories break it is surprising to see just how many public services are being provided by private companies and how many millions of pounds in dividends their shareholders receive, this is the case both nationally and locally.  
Private companies have an interest in making profit in order to be able to pay dividends to their shareholders to whom they are accountable. While publicly run services can be more democratically accountable, transparent and have a public good rather than private profit motive.
If it is ideological to think that shareholders shouldn't profiteer from the running of public services that are ultimately funded by taxing people's hard earned income then call me ideological. 
Tim Licence
Labour's Prospective MBC High Street Ward Candidate'

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