Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Greens should join Labour

Every week now I am hearing of Green Party supporters who make the switch to the Labour Party but this is something that has been happening for years now.

I bumped into two Jonathans in a pub the other week and knowing I am active with the Labour Party one said to me how he had switched from backing the Green Party to the Labour Party because 'they might actually get to change things and I like Jeremy Corbyn too'. Which I think neatly sums it up. People want change and are 'behind Corbyn' though not not necessarily meaning the man but the politics which he represents.

I have a lot of respect of several Green Party politicians including their one MP Caroline Lucas and strongly agree with some of their policies although others I strongly disagree with or don't believe are practically possible. I have often been told that you will never agree with everything a political party stands for but you should pick one that you agree with most but for me this is only part of it, otherwise I'd of joined the Greens or a small socialist party many years ago during the New Labour era. 

When Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party and put the party under new management I quickly joined up as a member and became active within the party. This was politics I strongly agreed with and a political party which could gain power to change things. I had long admired the likes of John Mcdonnel, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Michael Meacher and Dennis Skinner but not Blair and Brown.     

Although I still don't agree with all of Labour's policies I agree with many and know that Labour are within touching distance of putting them into practice. While the strong direction of travel toward a member led mass membership party is also extremely encouraging. 

I'd encourage anyone who believes in environmental justice, social justice, equality, socialism, and democracy to join the Labour Party. Change is coming and you can either be part of it and influencing exactly what it is or in the Green Party which remains on the electoral fringes.

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