Thursday, 22 March 2018

Maidstone needs to recycle more

KM 22.03.2018
I am passionate about the environment and believe we need to become a sustainable society as soon as practically possible.
Although it will only help bridge the gap to an extent, recycling will play a vital role in achieving this but in Maidstone the household recycling rate has stagnated at around 50% for the last year or two which is well behind many others in England. 
I was pleased when the Maidstone Labour Party agreed to set a target to achieve at least 75% by 2023.

My letter in the KM:

Recycling can have many benefits, including conserving natural resources, ecosystems and wildlife, protecting vulnerable people from being displaced or exploited, saving significant amounts of energy and reducing carbon emissions and the need for incineration. Maidstone Labour Party wants the town to achieve at least a 75% household-recycling rate by 2023 and go waste-free in the longer term. I believe that one of the ways in which this can be achieved is to work with residents to encourage community groups and businesses to provide more recycling facilities. These could be at no cost to themselves and help raise funds for charities. With the growing pressure on manufacturers to reduce excessive packaging, times are a-changing and we must push recycling further and faster, for the sake of both people and the environment.

Tim Licence

Labour's Prospective Maidstone High Street Ward Candidate

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