Sunday, 21 January 2018

UKIP reject what we celebrate

UKIP reject what we celebrate  
Kent Messenger 18.01.18

While UKIP have heavily featured in the news recently it is important to remember what they stand for. UKIP undoubtedly helped bring about the long overdue referendum but I don't believe the rest of their politics are as poplar. 

Many of us are proud of the multiculturalism in Maidstone which showcases itself in vibrant events like the Maidstone Mela and also exists all year round in Maidstone, the proud home of The Queen's Gurka Engineers. While UKIP rejects multiculturalism I believe it can be the building blocks of a strong society. We shouldn't make multiculturalism a scapegoat. The real issue is the financial and social inequalities within our society exacerbated by underfunded and badly run public services.

Tim Licence
Prospective Labour Party Candidate for Hight Street Ward

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